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5 June
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+ L I V E J O U R N A L -
specialsunday is the journal of イサベル. It was formerly known as nefariousheart. This LJ is pretty average compared to other journals, but I still believe it to be the best thing on the 'Net for me. It's a little corner of the web I can call my own, after all. :) specialsunday does not do drama, nor does it have profanity, so it's pretty safe to younger viewers. The majority of my entries are like these, but there are some which may deal with more mature audiences. Or maybe not. Haha. XD
+ S U N D A Y -
old enough. filipina. single. literature lover. gamer. rpg lover. geek. in love with love and life. daydreamer. believer. hopeless romantic. incurable fangirl. bookworm. nocturnal. moody. obsessive. procrastinator.

++ specialsunday
+ O B S E S S I O N S -
hot gimmick. sesskag. howl's moving castle. books. music. webdesigning. sleeping. gaming. anime. ouran highschool host club. higurashi kagome (go kagome!).
+ O T P s -
sesshoumaru/kagome (inuyasha), hitsugaya/hinamori (bleach), ryoki/hatsumi (hot gimmick), edward/winry (fullmetal alchemist), sephiroth/aerith (ff7), haruhi/kyouya (ouran high), haruhi/tamaki (ouran high)

I don't have a particular OTP, but my favorite one is definitely Sesshoumaru/Kagome. ^^
+ L I N K A G E S -
+ F R I E N D S O N L Y -
I had specifically made this friends only, but I'm willing to add anybody as long as they keep their profanity at a limit, able to accept what I like and what I don't, and just be nice in general. :) I accept requests when it comes to graphics, so just tell me and I'll gladly do it. LJ layouts, however, are only reserved for close friends. I'll make friends only banners and icons, if you want, though! ☆

If you want to friend me, comment here.

I also have a public journal. My entries are mostly about my fandom there, so if you're more interested in the stuff that I like rather the my life, it's best you go there. :) sundeii
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